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Wanted to leave some feedback, I've been longing to play these for awhile and picked up the bundle that was on sale. You've done incredible work curating these digital spaces and I feel SURREALISTa is the one that feels most fleshed out, even though the other titles are more visually complex. The multiple paintings you could enter and the scattered paintings you could see within each environment really made this one stand out to me. I can't wait to see more of your work and I love the idea of virtual micro-galleries. If you're ever in need of an artist to check out I think some of Henry Darger's paintings would translate wonderfully to these types of environments!!! I will support your releases long into the future :) 

Dear Liziveth,

thank you very much for the positive feedback! :) \o/
We are creating more Art worlds with galleries, just to be released soon! It´s a surprise yet :)
Please follow us for news!
I will check out Henry Darger, ideed.
Best regards,


Is this bundle is VR? Because i have VR headset and it will be great to see 3d paintings there! I saw few ones and its amazing! But is not clear enough if i can tun this in SteamVr on Index? Please let me know!

Hi, thanks for the feedback!
SURREALISTa de Chirico for VR is in experimental steps.
We do have other Art pieces like LIGHTNESS  VR  for Oculus Go (free) and our partner studio Star Palm Games have some VR games like Cyclops Stairs and the more artistic Dimensional Traveler.

Regards :)

Hi, any way to adjust mouse sensitivity? It's unplayable .....

Hi, Thanks for the feedback.

At the time the game was made, there´s no option for mouse speed.  You can adjust your mouse velocity in your system configuration just for playing the game.  It´s a little workaround , but it might work. 



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Woah. Cool! Loving De Chirico.


Thanks very much :) 

Have fun :) 


Hi I installed this on my home computer and after title screen it just shows a white box, and then the hallway loads and it's just all bright pink with black where the doors are supposed to be.

I installed it at work and it works fine.  Do you know what's wrong? All other Unity games work fine on my home computer. Thanks

it's really a strange bug. Never saw it before...
Maybe a small conflict with the build version (Unity 4.2) and your graphics card...
Pc or mac?
Thanks for the feedback,

PC build


Hello! I've explored the 8 paintings and I'm quite content with the time I've spent there, but then reading the article you linked on this page and following the twitter link therein I found images and descriptions that didn't match my experience. What'd I miss?

Hello, thanks for playing! The last version of SURREALISTa that you played, is the "museum version" . Before it, there was 2 versions, fantasy-like style. The article refers to the SURREALISTa 2.0. You can have all the special editions buying the IMMERSIVE PAINTINGS bundle here:

Ah, I see! Thank you! It's interesting to see how the project developed!


Hello, I seem to have a problem, game starts, I enter the gallery and can not move or look around, or escape to any menu, keys and mouse are totally unresponsive and I have to shut the game down. Can you help me?

Hi, sorry for the late reply.

That's really strange, the game has been played for years.
Are you running the game in Windows or Mac?
What is your computer configuration? I can test the game again to see if I find something.

Hello, thanks for the reply, I was away so I just saw it. I run Windows 10 64bit ,  processor is AMD Phenom X3 720,  16G RAM and GPU is AMD Radeon R7 260X. Latest drivers are installed for everything

Reinstalled the game in a different drive and that seems to have fixed the problem as far as the keyboard is concerned, mouse is still unresponsive in game, menu works all right. I seem to have a similar mouse problem with another unity game, itch too , I have a micorosft basic optical mouse, drivers are the standard ones, will try reinstalling them and trying again. Have no custom pointers or mouse themes btw, using default windows ones.

Hi, keep me informed about your progress, glad the game is running ok. Hope you solve the mouse issue.

Hello, good news, after mouse driver reinstallation failed to change anything I just quit trying and thought I'd try the game on a different PC at some point or even do a format and reinstallation of OS etc (like the good old days). Before that, though,  I loaded the game once more and this time I clicked, for the first time,on the Surealista text instead of Start on the menu. I am pretty sure this had nothing to do with it, but still, game wokred and still works as it should now (even when choosing Start :) ). 


is it possible to change the field of view? i'm having motion sickness from the low field of view


hi! Thanks very much :)))

This looks wonderful! Do you have any plans to add VR support in the future?

HI ! thanks very much !
Yes, we are doing some VR Tests with GearVR. In future we hope to build a special release for Oculus or HTC.


Very intriguing concept, and I've played a bit of the earlier alphas too. I'm having some issues with the camera on Linux though, that has been present in the previous builds as well. It's much too sensitive, making it very hard to control precisely, and in this new build it also occasionally gets stuck (haven't noticed this before). Like in the when you go down the stairs in the beginning of the game, I'm always unable to point the camera downwards, unless I first flip it up towards the roof. When I'm walking down the spiraling stairs, the camera will also with regular intervals stop being able to go to the left, so I have to flip it once all the way around to the right to be able to point it left again.


Hi flesk, thanks for the feedback.

I did not do tests in Linux yet. I trusted Unity compiler, and it works well in Mac and PC.
I´ll try to implement sensitive controls in Beta version.
My best,


Thanks for looking into it. By the way, is that "canvas look" new? I don't remember it from the previous builds but it looks very neat, and fitting, given the inspiration.


Hi Flesk, the "canvas look" was at the alpha 1.0, but we upgraded it look better at the alpha 3 ;)