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super-laggy, no option to reduce resolution (fixed at 1680*1050) to make it somewhat playable on my Mac.

Hi, the game was created and played at iMac i5 1.4ghz, 8gb ram. The game runs perfectly well, no lags.

You can go the Options menu - graphics - and lower the resolution if your computer is below that specs.

Hope you can play it. Thanks.

I tried that but it only shows 1680x1050 as an option

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Hey Hi ! Good news ! STRUCTUS now belongs to STAR PALM GAMES.  To start this new game studio ( focused on retro sci-fi games), we
released an especial lo-fi edition ! Please download it at:

You can read details about it at the devblog:

Hope you like it,
My best

Hey man! I posted on Game jolt and thought I'd post here too, thanks again btw! keep it up! looking forward to more of your projects in the future.
my video ►

Thanks Sash ! You're welcome !

Hi Sash ! How are you? I created a new game studio called STAR PALM GAMES   :))
It's focused on retro 3d sci-fi and creepy alien stuff...

Well, I did a downgrade at STRUCTUS to get an old Playstation 2 style, and now its super lightweight.



Hope you like it ;)


Hello, I was able to complete your game, took me a while but I was glad to do it, it certainly is a puzzle and a few scares for me that were not expected.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

Hey Hi ! thanks for the great gameplay ! See you had a lot of fun :D

The team here at Gigoia Studios is already planning a new one ;)