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Hi, would you be willing to look into future support for PC (and Oculus) using OpenXR?

Wait, this doesn't work with PCVR at all, only facebook mobile ones?

Any chance this would work with Google Cardboard and a PS4 controller? I'm trying to decide if VR is even a thing for me, and this seems like a really good test.

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Hi,  the game was designed  for Oculus headsets only. The PC version uses keyboard +mouse.  We don´t develop for  ps4 controller yet, maybe in future. Thanks for asking  and the feedback :) 
You can watch a 360 video version  on Google  cardboard here:

Is this game roomscale or is there any sort of locomotion? I have a Quest but don't have much space! Thanks.

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the game don´t require room scale, you can play seated in place or standing.
The controls for walking / flying are the Quest triggers. You press and hold the trigger to move forward in the direction you are looking at.
No need for real walking.