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Honestly one could make this in an hour or so, didn't really like pushing W so I could get into the same room with some different art on walls and a contemplative text to help the boredom... hardly a game at all

hi, thanks for playing!

Its really an art gallery, with writings from ancient chinese philosopher Lao-Tse. 
Playing time is not relevant.



It does not work on Quest.

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Hi, on the description above, its works on the Oculus Go.
Oculus Quest was not mentioned. We do have plans for the future to make it for the Quest too.

Hi, we upgraded LIGHTNESS for Meta Quest :)

does this work with WMR via steamVR/openVR?

Hi, thanks for the feedback.
We did not test via those platforms.  For VR, only tested sideloading APK via SideQuest directly on the GO device.

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Very cool!  I discovered your work via a Groupees bundle awhile back.  I really dig the idea of an artist being able to create his own exhibition spaces, via virtual geometry.  :-)


Thanks very very much, really happy you liked it. 




Fun thing i found after having a busy day - I opened this game, wandered into a gallery and let it sit for a bit on my TV, just letting the music, images, and sayings hang there.  Very relaxing really.


Hello Steve,

thank you again for the very positive comments :)
I am thinking in an upgrade of the gallery, some subtle shadows and a blue, sunny sky on the ceiling opening... just to create a sensation of a more realistic wall structure...
You are very welcome,


Hi!  I like the idea of upgrading the gallery, but I'd suggest you go beyond.  This is YOUR exhibition space, and it could be absolutely anything you want.  Why restrict yourself to merely recreating a physical museum?  :-)

(Either way, I do agree you should put something on the ceiling.)

Another lovely art experience from Gigola!  Very relaxed, meditative, and I enjoyed the more surreal, light aspects.  As opposed to working to duplicate the style of a given artist, this went with more of a "feel."  Definitely something to play and relax with!

Hello Steve!

Super thank you for the positive feedback :)
Yes, this is a Gigoia Studios Original, and I dedicated months to meditate about Lao Tzu, the Tao. Also, I study minimalist art, and
this paintings series is a mix of Colour-Field, minimalism and spiritual thinking.
The music came over the paintings,  something ambient, clean and simple.
There are originals projects on the way ;)
thanks again,

Carlos Monteiro

Very well doe indeed.  I'm looking forward to what else you come up with.

In fact, procedural generation is a hobby of mine ( - perhaps one day we should team up ;)

Hey sorry to bring a slightly off topic question into this but I was interested in getting some of your "experiences" and Im using an i3. All the recommended specs you mention i5. Will I be able to handle these?

Hi, thanks for your feedback.
All games were tested on Intel i5 machines with 4gb ram,  (PC notebook and iMac).
You can buy the games and test on your i3 machine. If the games run badly or slow, please notify Gigoia Studios so we can refund you.
thank you and best regards,
Carlos Monteiro, CEO

The Trailer and The Art really is something even tho i dont play it