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gj! any plans for some other paintings? :)

Hi ! Yes, next game on production is a walk inside a painting of Fauvist Andre Derain :)

It´s in experimental stage now..
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which engine you're using?

We use Unity 5.4

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Absolutely beautiful! I really enjoyed the visuals & the music.  Very well done!

Hi, thanks so much for the kind words :D

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Thank you, I love this tour as well. It's really nice to see some birds now and to have several paintings of the artist inside the 3d landscape. :) Btw, did I miss the exit point to get back to the gallery room, or isn't there any this time?

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Hey hi, thanks so much for the feedback. Yes, we are improving each new art game as soon its released. For this game there is no exit painting to go back, sorry . Next game is about Fauvist Andre Derain ;)

Wow, I'm definitely looking forward to Fauvist Andre Derain. :) Impressionism is my favourite art style, when it comes to paintings.

Hi, please feel free to send us feedbacks and what you would like in our art games. What do you want to see or to do inside the paintings ? We love to hear from you and make better experiences ;) Thanks

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Thank you. Okay, let's think:
It would be interesting to extend the idea of the paintings inside the 3D painting. Wonderful would be listening to an audio guide about the painter and his / her paintings or this particular painting during walking around. This won't have to be that professional, and different voices or maybe an interview would be cool. But that would be quite some work I think. In the same spirit, one could get some more information about the particular paintings and / or the painter through pressing "E" while standing near each of the paintings. This could be done with a half-transparent overlay, information might be simply used from Wikipedia. Furthermore, although again a lot of work, those information might be read by different voices.
Visually, I would have liked, if the cows and sheep would have moved their heads to the grass as if they would be grazing. Some fishes in the water would be nice, too. A day-and-night cycle for experiencing the painting in different light environments might be interesting, as well as the possibility to have the 3D environment drawn in different art / painter styles (don't know how much work it would be changing the textures - but I think quite a bit).