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In 1680x1050 the filter in front of the camera doesn't cover the whole screen. There are clear strips on the top and the bottom of the screen. Anything you or I can do to fix this?


sorry for the late reply.

The game is setup for the Aspect ratios of 1920x1080 and 1600 x X resolutions.


Ah, well. Guess I have to play it on the TV then. That's probably a lot prettier anyway!




Thanks for playing :) 


Was running this at a party for frieds, and it impressed people!  We ran through several of your programs to wander through different art.


Hello Steve! Wow, it's super cool :)
I am very happy you and your friends liked it!
If you like to share some photos of the party and the gameplay, If you dont mind, I can post on Gigoia Studios social media channels and website.
Carlos Monteiro, CEO 

ps: Follow us for news, we are working on some cool projects ;)

We don't have any pictures (yet), but I will keep it in mind as we do a gathering a month!   And I am following you already!

Hi Steve, thank you. 

I also have a side studio for retro Sci-fi:

If you like the genre, i would like to hear from you :) 


Also been replaying this again.  I'd like to make a suggestion - make a variant of "Take a tour" that loops - as soon as you get to the end, you turn around and do it again.  This game and others would just make lovely background.

Hey Hi!
It's a very good suggestion, really nice :)

I will implement looping in future games :)

Lovely job.  As I wandered, I realized that I was experiencing Monet's gardens all these ages later, AND in a way seeing them as he would have.  Quite an experience!

Hello Steve,
Thank you so much :)
Monet gardens at Giverny is sooo awesome, a true dream!

Best regards,
Carlos Monteiro, CEO

I hope to see them sometime.  My girlfriend was interested in them, so I showed her your creation (along with some interested friends).

Fantastic :)

I tried playing the game but it wouldn't show up


PC, mac or Linux ?

If Linux, it's not tested , sorry. But PC and Mac works fine and fully tested in a lot of computers.

PC, I'll try it again to see if it works

Oh, wait, never mind. I used the wrong one.

Deleted post

Hi kplasa, thank you so much !
We are improving upcoming art games, with more environmental effects and brushstrokes, etc.

IMPRESSIONISTa is the first of a series of 12 mini-games. Our plan for next year is to offer a small gallery within each game. After 12 purchases, you win the complete art gallery with all rooms and all 12 "painting mini-worlds" to enjoy, like a magical art collection :)

My best regards,

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Incredible experience! The idea is fantastic!!! The visual are awesome pretty!

Hi, Thanks very much :)